That Time Popeye Ate Weed Instead of Spinach


Popeye, who celebrates his 90th birthday this month, has always been dependent on plant-based relief. For years, people have speculated what the character really had in his ever-present pipe, but this clip from the 1946 cartoon ‘Rodeo Romeo’ definitively proves that the swollen-armed sailor really couldn’t handle his pot.

In an attempt to dull our hero’s senses, Popeye’s ape-like nemesis Bluto replaces the sailor’s trusty spinach with “locoweed,” a common derisive term for Mexicanmarijuana at the time. After scarfing down a full can of cannabis, Popeye goes barreling towards the bull at full force—that is, until the high kicks in.

Mistaking the bull for a beautiful woman, Popeye proceeds to dance with the confused creature while humming sweet nothings in its ear.

Watch the whole thing go down below:

While we’ve never known cannabis to give anybody a penchant for bestiality, the cartoon’s depiction of Popeye’s weed intoxication is far more accurate than the LSD-style hallucinations you’ll too often find in cartoons.

Unseen in the clip, the film goes on to have Bluto get high on his own supply and accidentally rope Olive Oil up with his lasso, prompting Popeye to snap out of his stupor and save the day in his typical violent fashion.

While it’d be a stretch to suggest the cartoon was advocating drug use, Popeye did seem a lot happier and less inclined to beat the shit out of people when blitzed.


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