Strain of the Week: Dark Dosi

Lithouse Dark Dosi - White Background
Lithouse Dark Dosi - White Background

2019 High Times Cannabis Cup Winner!!!

LitHouse High Times Cannabis Cup Winner 2019
LitHouse High Times Cannabis Cup Winner 2019

No kidding it felt like my face was melting I was so relaxed!   Have you ever just sat there and really focused on the effects of your cannabis?

First of all appearance wise this strain looks amazing with it’s deep purples and fiery red hairs which are consistent with GSC.  That being said this Dark Dosi is a cross between GSC and Face Off OG.  The buds are very dense and smell amazing.

So now on to the smoking.

First impression was the sweet earthy taste.  Smoked very smooth and no cough.  First effects started to kick in about 3 minutes afterwards.  Funny thing is it was roughly 9:30pm and I was doing what I typically do around that time; watch Netflix and smoke out.  My wife was in another room and I had to call her over to ask her if I looked funny.   I literally felt my face relax so much so fast it felt like it was melting.. LoL.  She confirmed my face wasn’t melting, but I sure did get super relaxed super fast.

The next day I wanted to see how I felt smoking it mid day.  Instead of smoking my typically evening bowl I stuck to a small bubbler.  I filled the bowl a 1/4 of the way this time.  It had the same sweet earthy taste and quick onset.  Again within minutes I could feel the full body relaxation hit like a wave.  Even though I felt relaxed I still felt very aware and congnisant mentally.  Typically with a heavy strain like this I find myself sitting at my computer staring at the screen knowing what I want to type but my fingers won’t join the party.  But not with this one I guess I would consider this a good micro dose for me personally for daytime use.  And a regular smoke out sesh in the evening to help me sleep and of course get the giggles while watching some Disjointed on Netflix.

This particular strain came from LitHouse Farms.  Follow them on their Instagram.

29.52% THC  –  36.14% Total Cannabinoids


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