Phoenician Grinder Front View w: Bud

Large 4pc Grinder – Ocean Blue – With Papers Holder

As I was walking around the High Times Cannabis Cup over the 420 weekend I met the guys from Phoenician Engineering.  First thing I noticed was how heavy their pieces were.  They Have this solid block of aluminum they call their Concentration Station.  I shit you not it was about 10-12 pounds.  But I’m not here to talk about their trays.. I’m here to talk about their grinders.

Phoenician Concentration Station
Phoenician Concentration Station

I have Phoenician’s Large 4 piece grinder in ocean blue.  Just like the concentration station this thing has some weight to it too.  I like to warn companies that I’m rough with my toys so their products better withstand some rough play.  And just like everyone reading this I too started off with the basic plastic grinder you pick up from your local smoke shop.  It works great for awhile, until you start to notice bits of plastic in your ground up buds.  First time I noticed I started to question how long this has been going on and how much plastic have I smoked?

Phoenician Grinder with Orange Plastic Grinder
Phoenician Grinder with Orange Plastic Grinder

Let me start with the Pros… so first off I love that the top is just a quarter turn on and off… no more screw threads that constantly get gunk’d up with kief.  And if you smoke as much as I do you’re constantly grinding so this is a major plus.  Next is the bottom portion of the grinder… the kief catcher has rounded edges to help when scooping the kief out.  Not sure if you can tell but I’m totally baked while writing this review.  I almost forgot to mention the top.  The top lid incorporates an ashtray and a rolling paper dispenser.

Now for the Cons… the only real grip I have with this grinder is that over time the top lid and second grinding portion start to accumulate kief and it does get a bit hard to twist.  Nothing a little cleaning can’t help out, but if you are a heavy smoker like me you’re always grinding that sticky icky.

What more can I tell you other than this grinder is awesome.


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