hiking while high
Hiking While High Slogan

Reader submitted Story:

My first experience smoking marijuana was like no other. Rewind back to my senior year in high school.

I was invited to a friend’s house on a Saturday afternoon. Not having anything fun in mind we thought of ideas what to do. One guy suggested we steal his sister’s bud stash and hike the mountains in Elysian Park overlooking Los Angeles Dodger stadium. It was the perfect hideout with a beautiful view.

Not being experienced was so obvious as I coughed hacking my brains out. I had a moment of panic! I could not grasp any air, I thought I was dying from lack of oxygen and on my brink of death my friends laughed their asses off.

forgot the lighter
Forgot the lighter

Once I was able to control my breathing the marijuana effects hit me hard. I felt my body go limp, my face went numb, and strangest part of all was forgetting two people in our group’s name. I began to hallucinate soon after. I saw CD’s flying in trees and fire hydrants that looked like dogs. Extreme paranoia set in when we hiked down the mountain and saw other hikers.

In my state of mind at that time I would have never been able to make my home. Thank goodness for my experienced stoner friends who got me home safe and sound.



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