Pot Brownie
Pot Brownie

A high school cheerleader is in the weeds for allegedly trying to bribe students with pot brownies in exchange for homecoming votes.

Hartford police received an anonymous tip that the 17-year-old had distributed the laced brownies in goodie bags for the football team and used the leftovers to gain homecoming queen votes.

“We are investigating two things,” said patrolman Michael Prince with the Hartford Police Department. “Number 1, some were put in goody bags for (football) players. Also, they were used to obtain votes for the queen contest.”

The school also started its own investigation and confirmed in a release that “marijuana-laced brownies were brought to school and given to several students.”

The release also stated that students who were involved “are being dealt with according to our District Policies and Student Handbooks,” and now the police department is conducting the criminal investigation.

School officials also urged parents to talk to their students and report any information to the authorities.

Angel Avery, whose daughter is  a Hartford student, said her daughter texted her that someone had “brought medibles to school.”

“What if one of those would have gotten in the wrong hands?” Avery said. “What if one of those were given to a kid who had a reaction to it? So many worse things could have happened than what did.”

A dozen of the brownies were thought to have been brought to school on September 26th. Three were recovered according to officials, but nine remained unaccounted for.

Prince said some were likely ingested and others were flushed down the toilet.

The cheerleader and her mother are currently out of the state on a family emergency according to the Wichita Eagle, but police are planning to interview her when she returns to Michigan.

It’s unclear if the unnamed minor suspect won the homecoming crown.

By Vanessa Alvarez


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