Do Vaporizers Smell? Plus 5 Vapes that Minimize Odor

Even if smoking weed is legal in your state, it can still be awkward and unpleasant to smell like smoke. What’s worse, third-hand smoke coats everything it touches with potentially harmful particles, making odor the least of your worries.

Vaping is a better alternative to smoking because it doesn’t burn material. Do vaporizers smell? Yes. But much less than smoke. In fact, the odor may fade in minutes, offering a more discreet experience.

There’s just one catch: Only vapes that offer temperature beneath the point of combustion offer truly stealthy, odor-free vaping.

Many people own dry herb vaporizers but don’t understand how to control their temperature to ensure an odorless session. Today all that changes.

Let’s find out exactly how to minimize the smell in your next vaping session.

Low Temperatures: Where (Odorless) Vaping Starts

If you want to keep the odor down, the ideal vaping temperature is between 350F and 375F. You could go even lower (around 325F) to further minimize smell, but the clouds will be much lighter.

So how does lower temperature ensure less smell? Because vaporization heats materials just enough to create vapor without burning the weed. More flavor and effects are extracted, while less smoky particles are created.

Purer vapor will fade away without leaving a lingering odor or coating your clothes and furniture like smoke. That’s because vapor consists of 95% THC while smoke is mostly made up of smelly particles, the result of burning plant matter.

The question is, which type of vaporizer will give you the level of temperature flexibility needed to create thin vapor that won’t leave a lingering odor?

Vaporizers with Precision Temperature Smell Less

The best possible tool for odorless vaping is an herb vaporizer with precision temperature control. These devices let you pinpoint hundreds of different temperatures, usually between roughly 200F and 430F degrees.

Here’s the beauty of precision temperature…

You can zero in on a temperature well beneath the point of combustion and create thin clouds of slight odor that won’t stick to your clothes. And you can make slight adjustments by the degree in order to find the perfect vapor profile.

A slight downside to precision control is that it takes more time to set up your sessions. That’s where preset temperatures come in.

But Vapes with Preset Temperatures Are Easier to Use

If you don’t like fiddling with controls, vaporizers with presets are faster and easier to use. They usually offer three to five heat settings that you can jump directly to with a few clicks.

While they don’t offer nearly as many settings as precision temperature, presets are much more intuitive, sparing you from the headache of flipping through hundreds of temperatures.

What do presets have to do with vaporizer smell? There’s generally a low-temperature setting that generates thinner, more flavorful vapor that also doesn’t smell as bad. And you can toggle to it with little effort.

There are plenty of vapes with presets available. Some notable options are the PAX 3 and Firefly 2, both of which feature heat settings that can be customized via mobile app.

How Long Does Vaporizer Smell Last?

We already learned that odor level depends on temperature. So how long does that earthy smell last when vaping?

If you keep the temperature at around 325F to 375F, the pungent fragrance of weed will fade away within a few minutes. A keen nose might pick up faint odors for up to roughly fifteen minutes.

If smoked, weed smell can linger for quite a while, especially in a room with no airflow. It won’t cling to your clothes like cigarette smoke, but it may hang around for some time before lifting.

Vapor also smells differently from smoke. The latter smells like burning plants, while vapor carries the faint scent of overcooked popcorn.

How to Further Reduce Vaporizer Smell

If you really want to reduce vaporizer smell, you can invest in a smoke filtering device like Smoke Buddy. These are affordable and easy to use. Just take a hit and blow it into the device. The vapor comes out of the other end clean and odorless.

If you’re vaping indoors, Smoke Buddy is the best way to keep your room smelling clean. But if you vape on-the-go, there are smaller air filters like Smoke Buddy Jr. that are pocket-sized.

So do vaporizers smell? Yes, but they’re more discreet than smoke. They keep the odor down so you can relax and have fun, especially when used with a personal smoke filter.

A Few Vaporizers That Don’t Smell  

Arizer Solo 2

Arizer Solo 2 - DoobieCulture
Arizer Solo 2

One of the most highly reviewed vapes with precision temperature is the Arizer Solo 2. It’s a semi-portable vaporizer with incredibly pure vapor quality and a temperature range of 122F to 428F. When toggled to the lower settings, this unit will deliver extra discreet clouds that won’t blow your cover. The Arizer Solo 2 features a convection heating system, which heats dry herb with hot air instead of hot surfaces. This greatly minimizes burning, ensuring that vapor smell fades away anywhere from five to 15 minutes.


Volcano - DoobieCulture

A larger, more powerful option for less smelly vaping is the Volcano vaporizer. This desktop unit has some of the best vapor quality according to researchers, and a full temperature range that goes as low as 104F (perfect for minimizing odor). The Volcano features a 100-watt convection heater that gently heats weed. While the Volcano is anything but portable (it plugs into a wall outlet), the vapor is filled in a balloon bag that you can carry around the house.


PAX 3 - DoobieCulture

PAX 3 is a high-end portable vaporizer with many unique features including Stealth Mode, which rapidly cools down between hits and maintains a lower temperature throughout the session to keep the odor at a minimum. This mode can be used with any of the device’s 4 default temperatures. The only time it reaches a higher temperature like 400F is when you’re taking a hit. In addition, the LED light dims for extra stealth.

Firefly 2


Firefly 2 is a main competitor to PAX 3 for good reason. It’s designed for optimal vapor production, which you can taste in each hit, and that means it’s not going to burn your weed and create odor. How does it accomplish this? With a convection heating system (rare in portable vapes) and a temperature-resistant borosilicate glass vapor path that keeps things cool. The best part? You can customize your presets using a mobile app and have a set of low-temperature settings on stand-by.



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