Grav Labs Helix Beaker Doobie Culture
Grav Labs Helix Beaker Doobie Culture

Company Name: ​GRAV® Inc.
Address: ​3501 Dime Circle, Austin, Texas, 78744Website: ​
Phone Number: ​800-420-GRAV

How would you describe your company? What is your specialty?

GRAV specializes in making glass hand pipes, bubblers, and water pipes, as well as other smoking tools and accessories of the highest quality. We’re a cannabis lifestyle brand, dedicated to educating, ending stigma, and promoting legalization. All of our glass is scientific grade borosilicate, and our designs are innovative, fun, and functional. We’re well known for our endorsed brands like HelixTM, Jane WestTM, Upline®, and Arcline®, and for our wide range of products and glass colors.

What do you offer consumers/clients that others don’t?

We use only the best manufacturing techniques, producing sturdy and durable scientific grade glass that will look and feel the same every time a customer receives it. Despite this high value, our prices stay impressively low.
Our dedication to quality and classic style make GRAV one of the most recognized brands in the glass industry. At the same time, we’re also known for our inventiveness. Our product development team is constantly producing innovations in glass technology that push the industry forward.

How and why did your company start up?

Our founder Dave Daily started by making the first glass gravity bong. He began adding more products to the catalog and from there it exploded into GRAV as we know it today.

With the changing landscape of medical and recreational cannabis, what do you see as the biggest challenges to your progress as a company? Any advantages?

The biggest challenges are being able to move swiftly with the changes in regulation. Laws are always changing and they vary state to state. It’s especially challenging for us as a company based in Texas where prohibition is still in place.
We have the advantage that we’ve been in this business for 15 years and we’re used to having to change at the drop of a hat.

What words of advice would you offer anyone seeking to enter the world of cannabis business?

Research the history of alcohol prohibition. There are a lot of similarities between cannabis prohibition and alcohol prohibition, so that’s a good history to learn from. You have to be in it for the long haul. So many companies are coming up and trying to get in on a profitable industry, but you have to have the work ethic to stick it out.

What are the goals and vision moving forward, for your company? Where do you see your company in five years?

The goal is to continue to be relevant by expanding into different cannabis related products. Not just glass but also consumables and other kinds of smoking accessories.

What do you hope to accomplish in the cannabis industry?

We hope to become a well-known cannabis lifestyle brand and not just a brand that makes products. We would love to become a household name.


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