Phoenician Large 4pc Grinder

Large 4pc Grinder - Ocean Blue - With Papers Holder As I was walking around the High Times Cannabis Cup over the 420 weekend I met the guys from Phoenician...
Volcano Cartoon Smoke

Volcano Classic by Storz & Bickel

I was super excited to receive this particular unit since I’ve heard so much about it.  I’ll be totally honest at first I was a little intimidated. I was...

Easy Grinder

Time to check out this electric Easy Grinder.  First thing I let anyone know is I’m hard on my stuff so I need it to last.  For the last...

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Lithouse Dark Dosi - White Background

Strain of the Week: Dark Dosi

2019 High Times Cannabis Cup Winner!!! No kidding it felt like my face was melting I was so relaxed!   Have you ever just sat...

Before you buy cannabis, brush up on California laws and safety precautions

Here’s what you need to know about legal, safe cannabis use in the state of California Cannabis is now legal in the state of California...

June 2019 Doobie Hottie Shawna Naysia

Looking for some eye candy for these hot summer months?  Look no further... Shawna is as hot as they get. Make sure to follow her...