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Local cannabis and weed festivals in Southern California

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Kushstock 6 – Adelanto, California

DRx K Did it again!!! Another amazing event.   Even though the date and location changed everyone still made it out for the weed, dabs and music.  One of...

Reggae on Route 66

This past weekend (Sept 16th & 17th) I had the pleasure of attending Reggae on Route 66.  This was a whole new genre for me as this wasn't the...
Kushstock 5 NOS Event Center San Bernardino CA

Kushstock Festival 5 – March 2018

      For Kushstock being a one day show all I can say is wow.  There were a ton of people and none of the issues we had with Tommy Chong's...
Dabathon 6 NOS Event Center

Dabathon 6 – Two Days of Fun and Dabs

So the heat started to calm down a little this weekend.  I think all the smoke from the SoCal fires gave us some shade here at the NOS Event...

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