Do Vaporizers Smell? Plus 5 Vapes that Minimize Odor

Even if smoking weed is legal in your state, it can still be awkward and unpleasant to smell like smoke. What's worse, third-hand smoke coats everything it touches with...

Negative Effects of Weed: How Cannabis Impacts Sleep

We all know how it feels to wake up after an unrefreshing night of sleep. Practicing proper sleep hygiene is essential for good health, well-being and quality of life....
Uber Lyft Cannabis Driver

Uber and Lyft Drivers Are Ditching the Service to Deliver Weed

Uber and Lyft were once the go-to way for people to earn extra cash. But apparently there’s a new way to use your car to make more money: delivering weed. The San Francisco Chronicle detailed how...
Doobie Culture High Rollerz

USA Cannabis Infused Jiu-Jitsu Tournament Stoned Fighting

In the USA – Bare Knuckle Fighting – UFC – MMA are often called a sport. That seems a stretch to me and this type of brutality hardly fits into...

How to Get Your Grandparents Into Weed

For people younger than 70 who haven’t been indoctrinated by the Church of All Drugs Are Bad, the truth by this point is clear: Smoking weed will not turn...
Dog Smoking Joint

California pets can get cannabis from vets

California has become the first state in the USA to give veterinarians legal protection to answer questions and advise on using medical cannabis for pets. Governor Jerry Brown signed...
High Sex

Sex While High

One of my favorite things is smoking out and having sex... it just seems like things are way more intense.  I've been wanting to try Foria's Intimate Massage Oil...

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Before you buy cannabis, brush up on California laws and safety precautions

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