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Weed was the word at Snoop Dogg’s Rogers Place hip hop buffet

If the Snoop Dogg & Friends Tour stop in Edmonton seems a little hazy in flashback, you’re definitely forgiven. It’s inconceivable anyone in the downtown arena — O.G.s and popo alike...
Celebrities Smoking Weed Together Doobie Culture

These 10 Celebs Shamelessly Love Weed More Than You

Who says celebs aren’t just like us? As cannabis gradually becomes recreationally legal and socially acceptable, more celebrities have openly professed their love for the plant. Here are ten...
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Stoned with the stars: California’s marijuana tourism gets smoking

When California legalized recreational marijuana use in 2016, Gene Grozovskiy decided he would show tourists the big change behind the scenes. Now he’s seeing some green, thanks to strong interest...
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Weed firms are using Instagram influencers to dodge regulations

The murky world of social media influencers is providing an outlet for weed companies to advertise their products and services Every industry has its influencers. There are beauty influencers, wellness...

That Time Popeye Ate Weed Instead of Spinach

Popeye, who celebrates his 90th birthday this month, has always been dependent on plant-based relief. For years, people have speculated what the character really had in his ever-present pipe, but this clip from the 1946...

How High Is Too High to Drive?

It used to be the stuff of stoner comedies and “Just Say No” campaigns. Today, marijuana is becoming mainstream as voters across the country approve ballot questions for legalization...

Do Vaporizers Smell? Plus 5 Vapes that Minimize Odor

Even if smoking weed is legal in your state, it can still be awkward and unpleasant to smell like smoke. What's worse, third-hand smoke coats everything it touches with...
Wiz Khalifa 24hrs - Doobie Culture

Wiz Khalifa Gets 24hrs On His Marijuana “Fitness” Before Christmas

  Wiz Khalifa is one of the most well-known faces in the rap game, breaking into Hollywood and hitting a major mainstream market with the incredibly successful “See You Again.” He’s...
Depression Cannabis

Depression… Why Cannabis Works

Euphoria vs. Inflammation Depression is difficult to treat because it is a symptom of many origins—such as genetics, brain chemistry, daily life, etc.—and as a consequence, requires many different approaches to treat. Treatments... 678x381

NFL hopes to ditch marijuana ban via collective bargaining

Regardless of whether Josh Gordon‘s latest suspension arises from marijuana or other recreational drugs that don’t enhance performance, his indefinite banishment brings back into focus a question that gnaws at...

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Before you buy cannabis, brush up on California laws and safety precautions

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