Black Market Vaping Dangers

Counterfeit Vapes brands like Brass Knuckles, Stiiizy and others.

All I’m hearing across 90% of the media outlets is how vaping cannabis will kill you or make you super sick. But they still can’t say what active ingredients or what brands the people who are getting sick or dying have used.

But does the actual brand name even matter if it was purchased on the black market? No it doesn’t! The black market has been flooded with counterfeits for some time now. You can visit an illegal pop up sesh or even find them on Craigslist and meet a guy at a gas station parking lot. I know cuz I’ve done both in the past. At first I didn’t care if it was counterfeit since it was so much cheaper than going to a dispensary. Granted this was before Cat2 and Cat3 testing.

4 things need to happening to squash this problem;

  • The State and municipalities need to crack down harder on the illegal storefronts and delivery services. As it is right now they get shut down and reopen down the street.
  • More cities need to allow legal stores. By forcing the residents of cities without a legal store to travel upwards of a couple hours to purchase legal cannabis of course they’ll look for something closer not caring if they are licensed or not.
  • The State needs to lower the taxes and make it more affordable to the masses.
  • City Councils that aren’t allowing legal stores need to realize all of their liquor stores create more loiter and an eye sore to their cities.

Not to mention this whole idea that by providing “flavors”, the industry is targeting teens. I’m in my 40’s and I like my flavored vapes too.

California is Missing the Revenue Boat

According to New Frontier Data, they estimate upwards of 80% of California’s cannabis sold this year has been from Black Market. The estimated black market value was $3.7 billion. That’s more than 4 times what the legal market made. Good-bye tax dollars.


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